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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 4, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. today is tuesday december 4th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time for the top 5 @5. an exclusive report in the new york post says belcher was playing the field before murdering sandra perkins and
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killing himself. he had dinner and drinks with another woman and spent the night at her apartment. belcher went to into a rage because she went to oo concert and left his baby at home. romeo personnel said he was shocked and showed no major issues. a campus police report shows belcher had a history of vief lens and once punched out a window about a girl. >> syria started to move it's xh chemical weapons. >> world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. if you make the tragic mistake of using twheepz upons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> the warning hours after secretary of state hillary clinton said using the weapons would cross a red line and the
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u.s. would take action. syrian jets continue to pound opposition fighters. assad said he would never use chemical weapons on his own people. >> the shooter can keep his beard for now. the appeals court through out an order that hassan be shaved and they kicked him off the case. they said the judge was biassed. he was accused of killing 13 people in a 2009 rampage including a pregnant woman. >> captain of the hms bounty care more about saving the ship than his own life and 15 crew members. the captain may have tried to ride out hurricane sandy instead of docking it because the owner was trying to sell it for $4.6 billion. the coast guard saved 14 crew members during a daring rescue. the captain and one crew member both left dead. from secretary of state to
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new york city mayor a new report says new york city mayor michael bloomberg called hillary clinton and urged her to run for mayor in 2013. bloomberg said clinton would be a perfect choice to manage the big apple. she has no interest in running. clinton is retiring as secretary of state. that's your 5@5:00. the ball is back in president obama keerts. house republicans unveiling a bold proposal to avoid a so-called fiscal cliff. the white house didn't waste any time attacking it. kelly wright is live in washington with more on this. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you. the back and forth is continuing in a letter with president obama. american people expect leaders to find fair middle ground with the nation's most pressing challenges. with that they propose is a counter over for the fiscal cliff.
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the republican plan has will00 billion for tax freerm 900 billion in mandatory spending cuts and 300 billion in discretionary cuts. the proposal falls short of what the president wants and cannot be taken seriously. we understand they don't agree with everything the president has put on the table but we haven't seen alternatives for that. they have spoken about an avenue and that challenge is welcome. republican leaders have been adamant they don't believe rates ought to go up on the top 2 percent of wealthiest americans. the american people overwhelmingly disagree. the rates have to rise and republicans need to acknowledge that. >> the major difference between the two sides is over taxing on the rich. obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. obama wants to eliminate deductions and close loopholes plus cut spending for entitlement programs.
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the president has said there can't be tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the domestic program which is frustrating for some republicans. >> this president, i think the president with president obama he's a small minded president in big times. he is talking about 35 verses 39.6 for people who make over a million dollars. that doesn't get us out of debt. >> both sides will be taking their plan to the public this week they will meet with governors for state business he's meeting with the governors today. john boehner will be with governors plus conduct rallies with small business owners. we don't know if these two sides are going to reach an agreement any time soon and the fiscal cliff is past approaching. >> thank you very much. we are going to keep with the fiscal cliff and take a look at who is talking. charles krauthammer weighing in on the negotiations. the approach on the president
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and democrats didn't about the economy at all but rather about politics. >> i am not serious at all about entitlements. the president himself said that's where the money is. on social security he denied there is any effect on the deficit at all. durbin said social security hasn't added a dime to the deficit. in 2012 it added $160 billion of debt. that is more than a dime. there are 2.5 trillion in the trust fund in social security that will take care of it for 20 more years, 25 more years. that means pieces of paper in the trust fund where the treasury says we will pay you. it doesn't have the money. it spent surpluss in the past. that's a promise from the treasury which is pank ru
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bankrupt. that is infection but they know it. the republicans are bad guys these are good guys. surprising to me the president wokd get the revenues he wants from de deductions and exclusions. it is on rates not for economic reasons but political. he wants to break the backs of republicans. it this is a continuation of his campaign he thinks he wants it and now he wants to drive the steak through it. it is all about politics nothing about economics. >> democratic congressman chris van holland appeared on special report. there are cuts to the president's budget but republicans haven't paid attention to them. >> have you heard about this? exciting news the royalty is expanding. kate middleton is pregnant. the good news spreading all over the world getting the duke and dutches their very own hashtag
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on twitter. the duke and dutches of cambridge are expecting their first child. prince william married at westminster abbey in april 2011. their royal pregnancy announced monday in london. the british prime minister quick to show his excitement about the news. >> i am sure they will make brilliant parent. in a meeting i was having. >> the palace said middleton is not quite 12 weeks pregnant. she was sent to the hospital where guards are standing by. she is battling acute morning sickness and is expect to do stay there for a few days. book keys in britain already taking bets on possible names for queen elizabeth's first great grandchild adding to the chorus of well wishes president obama p and fist lady michelle. >> having a child is the most
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wonderful parts of their lyes i am sure that will be the case for the duke and dutches. >> royal baby trending on twitter. >> people are excited that it is absolutely official it is blowing up twitter. >> he will be next in line for the thrown. new rules agreed giving females equal rights of succession. in london amy kellogg, fox news. >> oo exciting news for them. >> before you run out the door we have maria molina standing by for that. >> good morning. we are tracking another day of widespread temperatures. it is warm out there. we are seeing the warm temperatures early this morning in fem if is. 53 in atlanta. current temperature at 59 degrees in the city of cleveland. we will have quick moving
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bringing temperatures where they should be this time of year. if you are doing any traveling or heading out to work it will be a slow go across southern georgia into the carolinas because we are dealing with warm temperatures and air. most of these advisories do go into effect from 9 to 10 ax m. you will have to slow down on the roadways and be seeing delays through some of the bigger pirates. high temperatures well above average. 70 texas high temperature in memphis. 61 degrees in new york city. it's bess so it's unusual to be seeing temperatures out here. we could be seeing records. we did set some yesterday across parts of texas which highs that made it into the 80s. cold front this is a system bringing in the cooler air mass doing so across portions of
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midwest and dau dote tacoat ta dakotas. northeast down to the ohio valley into arkansas. >> patti ann and heather? >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> now to stories you can bank on. who ruled the internet and how? that is the question being debated at a global conference. joining us is adam shapiro from the fox business network. >> distink conference going on from due by. nations are negotiating potential changes to the treaty that was first enacted in 1988 that governs the internet. there are proposals that are disturbing. 17 arab nations want greater government control and diversified internet users. if you identify who those people are the government wants to keep control can crack down on them.
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google is proposed. government is coming up with a treaty. the voices of internet companies and internet providers not being heard in this conference. there's a lot of opposition. >> it's not al gore? >> it's not al gore. >> there is a price to happiness. >> there is a price to happiness. used to pay 75,000 bucks. people in 13 countries. the average price globally in order to be happy 151,810 bucks. if you are wondering where you need the most money to be happy? due by hong kong 197,000, mexico, mexico 185,000 and italy 175,000. the places where you need the least money to be happy germany $8,500. united states is not part of that survey.
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we were surveyed you need to be wealthy most americans said $1 million. >> more money doesn't give you happiness, it just gives you more money. >> yahoo top searchs for 2012. >> what do you think the answer is? >> i already know the answer. >> it was the election. take a look at the other top searchers. is iphone 5. got one. love it. kim kardashian. one of our makeup artist thinks parts of cardian are not real. cape upton and kate middleton. she dacame in at number 5. >> gingham style is another one. >> do do you the gingham style with patty ann? >> another day. coming up the death of an nfl player is reigniting the gun debate all across the country. >> it's about the social commentary about the
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proliferation of guns. >> do you want to take away people's second amendment rights? >> it only gets more heated. that debate up next. >> do you have allergies? many might come from the type of water you drink. bottled verses tap. stay tuned. e balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> 57 after the ho-- 17 after t. it's the cyber equivalent of the 9-11 attack. mike mcconnell says recent attacks against big banks should be the wake up call for what could come. a cyber attack on the banking system and infrastructure could be crippling. if you have a food allergy tap water could be to blame. people with food allergies have higher levels of a pesticide commonly found in tap water.
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pesticide is killing good bacteria in our digestive system and causing food allergies. >> patti ann time now for a look at who is talking. a big talker this morning gun laws. the murder suicide by kansas city linebacker javon belcher sparking a much heated debate across the country. many saying this is more proof stricter gun laws are needed in this country. last night on "hannity". >> somebody hell bent on killing somebody o.j. simpson liable in the civil cates in the death of nicole brown. there was no gun used. if somebody is hell bent on killing somebody they don't need a gun to do it. >> i anticipate you using the simpson case. shame on you. bob costas is an award journalist. he doesn't need any type of platform. he has credibility.
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he gave social commentary. >> you don't need a gun to kill somebody. >> gun control is an issue where guns are in the hands of people in the urban community. >> nicole brown simpson killed with a gun or a knife? >> this is not about simpson it's about the social commentary about the proliferation of guns. >> you want to take away my second amendment right. do you want to take away people's second amendment right? >> gle but i want restrictions on guns. any person -- >> the right for people to bear arms -- >> anybody who kills and shoots himself is a man who does not need to have a gun in his possession. >> how do you know that ahead of time? you look in the christmas ball and figure it out. very heated. that leads us to our brew on this question of the day do. you think that tougher gun laws
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would help lower crime? you can send us your comments tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail them to us at we will read some of those during the show. >> if the united states falls off the fiscal cliff taxes will go up. how do you ease the burden in the family finances? is a oo should this street line be considered offensive? a new push to remove men and work signs because women work, too.
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>> the fiscal cliff is looming.
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taxes may go up with it. even if the cliff doesn't happen, folks. joining us with her end of year checklist is personal finance expert vera givens. >> want to look at the various things that might be changing such as contributions. >> you want to look at the overall tax system. one thing you can do is make your charitable contributions. you have until the end of the year to do that. a look at whether it makes sense to prepay your local taxes and property taxes and take a look at your investments as well gains, losses, if there are stocks you want to sell you may want to consider doing that before the end of the year. >> any capital gains tax is 15 percent. that may go up in january 2013. >> you could get walloped in 2013. >> throw out the balance of your network. >> it is a good time to do that
2:25 am
take a look at your assets and liabilities. what's going in the door and out the door. you start chipping away at the debt. good time of year. >> common sense we always need a remiernd. >> evaluate your ints a good thing to do also. auto, life insurance disability, are you paying too much good time to comparison shop as well. >> it inches up a bit and you are paying more than you thought. >> check your credit score. >> you are entitled for a copy of your credit report i would check over with a fine tooth comb. they do container ors. 25 percent container ors that result in you being denied
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>> you have just a few weeks left to use up whatever money you have left in your flex spending account. >> in your flexible spending account. if you have any money in there sometimes the deadline is end of march end of april but some people are still with the old deadline with the end of december. if you have money in there you have to use it for the enof the year. check with your administrator and see how much you have left and what the deadline is to use it. use it or lose it. >> vera givens thank you so much. >> straight ahead mystery at the hospital. a little girl vanishes from the cancer wing. now the chilling 911 from the moment she disappears. the british royal family about to get bigger william and kate they are having a baby. we will go live to london for the latest on that when we come back. >> but first on this day in history back in 1954 the first burger king opened. that was in miami, florida. and we can save you 10% on ground shipping over the ups store.
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>> and that was the best thing i've ever done. >> it looks good on me. >> announcer: call in the next five minutes to get your free brochure at no obligation. it will tell you everything you need to know about your hair loss problem, and it's free if you call now. >> i am more pleased than what i had even imagined. >> i at least look, i would say, five years younger. >> i'm 52 and i look better now than i did when i was in my 40s. >> i feel great. >> announcer: and that's not all! the first 100 people who call will also receive $250 off any hair loss solution from hair club. call now! [♪...] welcome back. i am heather childers. >> i am patly ann brown. thanks for watching fox and friends first. >> time now for your 5@5:30. a disturbing story to tell you about. a man was killed when he was thrown in front of a train in new york.
2:31 am
this is surveillance from the subway station. it happened near times square. the victim a man from queens was trying to stop the suspect from harassing people that's when witnesses say he through the victim on to the track. >> saw the train pull into the station and you almost heard like a thud. wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the man being struck. that's when you heard people yelling. >> passengers tried to stop the approaching train but it was too late. this is the man they were looking for. he is in his 20s he has dread locks. if you know anything call police. >> george zimmerman, they are looking for a photo the night he was shot and killed. th it shows zimmerman. attorney representing mart tans family says the photo adds nothing new to the case.
2:32 am
brand new details about the desperate search for an 11-year-old leukemia patient whose mom aedllegedly slipped h out of phoenix hospital. >> they were by the front entrance and walked into the bathroom disconnected her from her iv and then just walked out the front door and got in the car. >> police say there is a chance that young emily is in mexico. u.s. border patrol agents stopped and questioned her father at the arizona border but he denied any involvement and said he knew nothing about his daughter's whereabouts. >> a community college in dayton, ohio outraged over a men working sign. the school force a construction crew to stop working and remove it deeming it is sexist. a spokesperson for claire community college said they have a deep commitment to diversity and they take this quite
2:33 am
seriously. what is the funniest television show of all times? survey says... >> what's the show about? >> about nothing. >> seinfield the show often described as the show about nothing was voted funniest in the new poll winning 22 percent of votes. it's not just jerry seinfield people find fun me. apparent there's men in general. in the same poll 60 percent of people think men are the funny e gender. that is your 5@5:30. not sure how i feel about that. >> funny in different ways. >> house republicans are trying to compromise to avoid a owe called fiscal cliff. they released a counteroffer in less than a month to reach a deal. doug luzader is live in washington with more on this. >> the president said he wanted a counter proposal from republicans and he got one yesterday. 7 republicans sent a letter to
2:34 am
the president outlining their plan. it was not all that well received. the gop plan is based in large part on costs between president obama and house speaker john boehner last year when the two were close to making a grand bargain. the republican plan raises tax revenue not by raising tax rates but reducing deductions for the wealthy to generate more money for the government. it also tackles entitlement raising the medicare eligibility age and reducing social security benefits. those are nonstarters for the president and other democrats who are facing a lot of pressure from unions and other groups to leaf those programs untouched. we should fix it. that should be a separate track conversation. it should not be raiding social security to deal with the deficit. >> responding to questions on quitter there isn't enough spending on the deal. republicans say he needs to assess the costly programs need
2:35 am
to be restructured. >> what i want is to get the country out of debt in a permanent way. the dig problem with us becoming greedy is not the revenue it's not the tax codes it's entitlement. >> what the plan daoes not do i raise tax rates on the wealthy. it has to be any part of any deal that he will accept. back to you. >> thank you. it is time for your first degree weather. maria molina is live with the forecast for today. we are looking at yet again another day with well above average temperatures across portions of the midwest in the 60s across texas, fmemphis new orleans and across the great lakes region. in cleveland a warm start to the
2:36 am
evening. we will see possibly record levels. we have front tal system behind the system already seeing cooler temperatures today in minneapolis in the 30s. 27 degrees over the city of denver right now. high temperatures 71 over in dc. again very harm. temperatures in the 70s across portions of the atlantic. 77 in new orleans. feeling like summer in the 80s across texas. midwest colder air coming down and 25 will be the high temperature in far go with the cooler air mass. for the west coast you can see a lot of flooding a lot of heavy snow over the weekend. it is across northern cases of
2:37 am
california. the frontal system will be bringing in showers across the interior portions of the northeast across the great lakes down into portions of missouri. >> thank you very much maria. >> it is time now to entertain this. >> well, he must have been in heaven justin bieber starring in a new music video with the victoria secret angels. >> i like that. bieber one of the performers at the annual fashion show. yes, mark the time down 7:30 eastern angels lindsay ellington and harrah heather ton will be on fox and friends with a sneak peek before it airs tonight. >> he is the chicago bears biggest and most adorable fan that is juliana and bill's son baby duke.
2:38 am
he shared the precious pick on twitter. >> oo football fan nick lachey really get kicked out of the cincinnati bengals chargers game for trash talking? he took to twitter to set it straight. for the record i was not kicked out of the charges's game for excessive trash talking. no that honor belonged to the guy in front of me. >> now for your starting lineup. your top sports stories rg 3 leading the red skins for a rool lee over the giants. they won 17 to 16 it's the third straight win in the fnc east is now totally up for grabs. the giants 7-5. the redskins and cowboys 6 and 6. a rod will start the season the same place he finished last season off the field. the yankee's third base man will have a second hip surgery in january. he will miss most of the first half of the season.
2:39 am
he had a right hip rehair in 2009. we know the three heisman finalists colin klein on the left, johnny man sell and linebacker manti te' o. >> manziel would be the first freshman ever. >> he is one of the united states -- is she one of the united states next ambassador in icon campaign contributions to president obama may have finally paid off. here's what you may have missed on leno last night. >> good news. great britain princess kate and prince william are expecting a baby. how about that? >> the bad news prince harry already planned a huge baby shower in vegas.
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>> it is 42 minutes after the top of the hour. let's span the globe to see what stories are making headlines overseas. demonstrations continued over morsi and his propose the constitution. another mass protest is plan today in the square egypt papers stopped publications this morning to join tv stations to join a blackout tomorrow. a powerful typhoon slammed into the island killing at least 6 people. look at this. homes destroyed power is out for thousands of people. about 41 t,000 are evacuated. in a massive highway pile jut 57 cars were damaged total. low visibility the likely cause.
2:44 am
patti ann? >> heather now that a royal baby is on the way folks want to know what prince william and kate's baby might look like. check this out. the web site mashing together the features of the royal parent to come up with images of whata. there's a boy on the left a girl on the right. pretty cute. >> tom is live in london outside of the hospital where kate middleton is right now. good morning to you. >> oo good morning patti ann. >> what is your stat-- her stat? i understand she had severe morning sickness? >> that's right. this isn't just normal morning sickness that 80 percent of women or so are pregnant suffer to some degree. this is the acute morning sickness affects around 1 percent of women who are pregnant and leads to severe
2:45 am
vomiting. that is why kate has been brought into the hospital to make sure she is okay to make sure they have fluid the levels they should be and she has the best possible care. she is the woman who will be carrying the most talked about baby in the world along side the ranks of the world media photographers and we are all waiting at the moment for william to arrive. he's expected at any moment. he spent most of the day yesterday by his wife's bedside. still in the early stages of her pregnancy not reached the 12 week mark. since she needed to come to the hospital the palace decided they to to break the news they are expect ago baby p and kate is in the hospital getting that treatment getting that attention from the very best doctors and nurses here in london. william expected here at any moment to continue the bedside vigil to make sure his wife is okay.
2:46 am
concern undulation for the royal family and all of the members of kate's family as well this is their first child and we have changed the laws in the u.k. that manes whether it's a boy or a girl the baby that is born next summer will be the future monarch. >> all right. we wish her the best. live in london. thank you. >> i don't know about the morphed pictures. a little creepy. amid calls for education reform they are pushing for a bar exam for incoming teachers. diane macedo has more. >> the american federation of teachers is proposing incoming public schoolteachers be required to take a nationwide standardized test. similar to lawyers taking bar exams. to pass teachers would need a minimum grade point average and one year of successful student
2:47 am
teaching. randy wine depart ensays it is widely in response to young whirn who are unprepared for the classrooms. lawmakers and other critics say they are de panning high teacher salaries without affordable quality situation. they are lift d not impossible to fire. this prop pose sal does not need that. can health teachers improve with evaluations a what they are focusing ohhen here is news. we will know if it helps within that department. >> they have to approve the idea then the board will start affecting it. >> diane macedo. he weeked u.s. secrets for everyone to see on the internet. >> it's your last chance to
2:48 am
respond on our through on this question of the day. do you think tougher gun laws should be held in the united states. >> brian kilmeade, see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> the show is still taking place. american idol judge randy jackson. he's always my favorite. i am glad he is the last one standing. he will talk to us about what american idol will be like. two super models will be here. along with the nation's first medal of honor recipient. he will talk to his brand new book. the republicans survived their play. will they em place if you will no tevend of the hour. don't miss tocks and friends. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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they raised more than 500,000 for the real election campaign. the white house maginot comment. >> army private bradley manning is accused of the biggest intelligence leak in u.s. history. now his lawyer is speaking out for the first time. wtvg reporter has more. supporters of private first class bradley manning attorney spoke out for the first time
2:53 am
about the controversial case. >> it is by far the most important military case. it is it is a case that has significance for all of them. >> he didn't go into detail but used his time in front of the audience and media to paint a picture of a young soldier who is exposed to the reality of wars. >> we live in a country built on freedom of speech. we live in a country built on government accountability and informed citizens. manning was accused in the biggest leak in classified information in u.s. history. he has been in prison since june 2010 awaiting a court-martial. in that time he has been subjected to solitaire reisolation another abuse at the hands of the guard. >> not only was it stupid and counter productive it was criminal. an entire group of individuals who i no doubt are honorable men and women choose to turn a blind
2:54 am
eye to how bradley was being treatmented. i hope that the judge will grant the motion that he has suffered enough and he will dismiss the charges. the unitarian church in dc to hear hick speak. they are supporters of paul manning. they join with koontz in demanding freedom of the soldier now. >> i think incarceration under torture rouse conditions without being been charged or found guilty of anything for this long period of time is an abomination. >> i think it's a violation of american principles to treat prisoners this way no matter what they have done. in this case seems to have done something very important. that was wtvg reporting. if convicted manning convicts of
2:55 am
life in prison his trial is expected to begin in mid march. >> time for the brew on this question of the day responses. the recent nfl murder suicide sparking a major debate about gun control in this country. we wanted to know if you think tougher gun laws would help lower crime. here are some of your responses. michael tweeted: >> she nearly got away with robbery. you won't believer how this criminal got caught. the good, the bad and the ugly is next. >> would you consider your family christmas normal? we have been asking you to send your most bizarre family photos.
2:56 am
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thank you and may god bless you.
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♪ >> time now for the good, bad and uglie. up first the good. the navy ash warding a marine sergeant the prestigious navy cross. yesterday in california. he helped to rescue wounded troops while under attack in afghanistan. up next, the bad. members of congress ranked the least honest of all professions and put on the same level of car salesman. the nebraska teen busted by cops. after she brags about taling $6000 from a bank. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> time now for your bad christmas card and photos. send them in. and first


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